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Missing teeth, improperly selected colours of fillings, discolouration, chipping or the progressing process of destruction of teeth - we know how badly these problems affect the aesthetics of our smile, and as a consequence our self-confidence. Therefore, here at Implant-Art we make every effort to be able to offer our patients dental solutions which will restore a beautiful, healthy and neat appearance to their teeth.


We will adjust the method of treatment to your individual needs - our dentists offer a series of special dental solutions. In order to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, here at Implant-Art we apply white fillings, inlays and onlays. In case of very damaged teeth we offer our patients reconstruction of tooth tissues by means of porcelain or composite veneers, prosthetic crowns and dental implants.

White fillings

In order to provide our patients with high quality services, we use only white filings at our clinic.They are a perfect alternative for amalgam fillings which are characterised by an unattractive appearance and properties which are harmful for human health. At Implant-Art we use only tested materials which we try to match in terms of colour to the shade of the patient’s teeth.

Inlay / onlay

Onlay and inlay is a system of onlay and inlay crowns. This is a method of cosmetic filling in the tooth crown which is used in dentistry in case of serious damage to the teeth. This is also an alternative for traditional filling which allows to reconstruct a tooth precisely in terms of its anatomical shape. At Implant-Art inlays and onlays are made of porcelain or composite materials which are characterised by the greatest tightness and resistance to abrasion.


Prosthetic crowns provide a solution which we usually offer to the patients with serious damage to the teeth - especially if their reconstruction by means of traditional fillings or inlay/onlay system is impossible. At our dental clinic we offer prosthetic crowns made of porcelain or all-ceramic crowns as well as temporary crowns which protect a tooth against fracture after root canal treatment.

Porcelain veneers

Veneers definitely constitute the basis of modern aesthetic dentistry. They are a perfect solution for patients who would like to change the colour and shape of one or several teeth as well as reconstruct missing fragments of a tooth e.g. after fracture or chipping. Veneers are small and very thin shells made usually of porcelain and placed over the teeth by means of special glue.Veneers perfectly reflect the appearance of natural teeth - both in terms of their colour and gloss.At Implant -Art we offer our patients with composite or all-ceramic veneers which guarantee a very natural effect.


Implantology is the area in which Implant-Art has been specialising for years.We recommend placement of dental implants especially in case of patients who would like to make up for missing teeth and at the same time obtain a very natural effect. At our clinic we make every effort to ensure full replacement of natural teeth with dental implants - not only in terms of colour or shade, but first of all in terms of functionality. Implants are made of titanium - this is a material which is very well tolerated by human body.

Teeth whitening

For patients who have problems with discolouring, yellow teeth or uneven colour of teeth we recommend a professional whitening procedure. Teeth whitening at the dental clinic by means of special gel and a lamp is the most effective method to obtain the effect of a snow-white smile.