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At Implant-Art we also deal with orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontist will help with treatment of malocclusion and maxillo-facial defects. All treatment methods at our dental clinic are adjusted individually to the needs and expectations of each patient. Starting the orthodontic treatment will allow not only to treat serious malocclusion, but also to improve the condition of the gingiva, eliminate speech defects and reduce pain in the temporomandibular joint.


1. Orthodontic consultation

During the first appointment the orthodontist determines the causes of malocclusion, takes the necessary X-ray photos (usually panoramic), and makes impressions to prepare diagnostic models.

2. Determining treatment plan

The orthodontist analyses all irregularities of the patient’s occlusion and then prepares and presents him/her all possible methods which will allow to reduce malocclusion effectively and improve the aesthetics of the teeth.

3. Active treatment

After the patient confirms the selected treatment plan, the orthodontist proceeds with realisation of individual procedures during regular appointments. During each appointment the orthodontist corrects the position of the braces and informs the patient on the principles of everyday oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment. The treatment time usually lasts 18-24 months, however in case of serious malocclusion it may last even 36 months.

4. Retention treatment

After finishing the treatment, that is after removing the braces, the patient must undergo retention treatment which will allow him/her to maintain the obtained results.

Dental braces

At Implant-Art we offer our patients permanent, removable or functional dental braces as well as orthodontic implants. We offer orthodontic treatment to children, teenagers and adults, improving the appearance of their teeth and restoring proper functioning of the masticatory organ. The vital advantage of dental braces is also the fact that they may improve unfavourable face profile, change the position of the chin or correct improper position of the lips.