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Periodontics is an area of dentistry which deals with prophylaxis and treatment of periodontal diseases (diseases of the gingiva and bones) and the diseases of oral mucosa. Diseases of the gingiva and bones may include the areas around a single tooth, a group of teeth and the whole dentition area.

Diseases which are most often treated in the scope of periodontics at Implant-Art include gingivitis and periodontis. Gum bleeding while brushing the teeth or eating, loosened teeth, improperly shaped interdental spaces or overlapping teeth which are too close together must be subject to proper treatment which will provide protection against impaired functioning of the masticatory organs.

The main cause of periodontal diseases is lack of proper oral hygiene, which results in formation of tartar and inflammation of the gingiva. However, such diseases may also be caused by the following factors:

● smoking cigarettes,
● bruxism, that is gnashing of teeth,
● alcohol overuse,
● endocrine disruption,
● improper diet,

● incorrect fillings,
● systemic disturbances, e.g. diabetes,
● incorrectly adjusted dental prosthetic devices,
● avitaminosis,
● saliva secretion disorders.

It also happens that periodontal diseases occur in persons who take proper care of their teeth and still have the problem with gum bleeding, unpleasant odour from the oral cavity or a feeling of a loosened tooth.Usually it means paradontosis, which in such a case is a result of disorders in the functioning of the immune system. Paradontosis, if untreated or subject to improper treatment, may lead to loosening and as a consequence to losing the teeth.

At Implant-Art we advise on how to maintain proper oral hygiene in order to avoid paradontal diseases, and we offer procedures consisting in removing tartar, dental calculus and soft dental deposits in order to improve blood flow and regeneration of the paradontium (scaling, subgingival tartar removal, sand-blasting).