Crowns on implants and natural teeth

Why do patients come to us so late?

Published: 21.03.2017

Why do patients come to us so late? Usually because they are ashamed of their dental condition, they think that nothing can be done. This thinking is wrong and accompanies a lot of people. Remember – we will always find a solution that will make your smile beautiful again!
This was the case with Mrs. Joanna. The patient came to us with numerous missing teeth. Mrs. Asia’s dream was to smile broadly again and enjoy a beautiful, white smile.
The patient no longer wanted to use removable dentures, so together we decided to introduce implants. Ultimately, work was performed on natural teeth and implants.
As you can see in the photos, the patient again enjoys a wide, white smile like in the old days 🙂


of the IMPLANT-Art, Warszawa Mokotów

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