Endodontic treatment, more often called root canal treatment, is a method of treatment which is employed to treat very damaged teeth – that is those in case of which irreversible pulpitis was found.

By irreversible pulpitis we understand lack of possibility to treat a tooth with traditional methods, including also by direct or indirect filling of the dental pulp. A tooth is qualified for endodontics first of all due to untreated or improperly treated caries. Properly performed root canal treatment allows to prolong the “life” of a tooth and avoid extraction.

Stages of root canal treatment

Stage 1

The endodontist starts the treatment with thorough and complete removal (cleaning) of root canals and tooth chamber from the infected tissues, i.e. nerves and blood vessels.

Stage 3

At the second stage of treatment the dentist enlarges and shapes the root canals (in order to prepare them well for the process of filling) and disinfects them by means of antibacterial rinse agents.

Stage 3

Finally, the physician fills in free spaces in the canals with a biocompatible material – usually gutta-percha.

Endodontic treatment may not end with just one dental appointment – everything depends on the number of root canals and their structure as well as the level of difficulty of the whole procedure.

At Implant-Art we make every effort to perform endodontic treatment thoroughly in the least painful manner possible. For that purpose we use hand and mechanical root canal tools as well as an endodontic microengine. We perform root canal treatment on the basis of regularly taken X-ray photographs which allows to perform the whole procedure efficiently and precisely.


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