Price list

Conservative dentistry

Dental exam without treatment plan100 PLN
Dental exam with treatment plan200 PLN
Composite filling I class300 PLN
Composite filling II class330 PLN
Composite filling III class350 PLN
Composite filling IV class400 PLN
Composite filling V class300 PLN
Composite reconstruction of the anatomical shape400 PLN – 500 PLN
Aesthetic teeth reconstruction (composite veneer)700 PLN
Temporary filling100 PLN – 250 PLN


Panoramic x ray120 PLN
Spot x-ray1 tooth/ 50 PLN
Computer tomography250 – 450 PLN

Prevention dentistry

Fluorisation80 PLN
Scaling 1 tooth50 PLN
Scaling140 PLN
Oral hygiene trainingfree
Scaling + sandblasting + polishing300 PLN
Scaling + sandblasting + fluorisation300 PLN
Scaling + sandblasting + polishing + fluorisation350 PLN
Dental calculus removal250 PLN
Tissue periodontist removal500 PLN


Home teeth whitening kit2 arches/ 1 100 PLN
Home teeth whitening kit1 arch/ 700 PLN
Beyond instant whitening ( lamp whitening)2 arches/ 1 300 PLN
Beyond instant whitening1 arch/ 800 PLN
Dead tooth whitening450 PLN


Prosthetic consultation150 PLN
Metal porcelain crown1 400 PLN
Full ceramic crown/ veneer2 000 PLN
Temporary crown/ veneer150 PLN
Temporary crown/venner made in a prosthetic laboratory500 PLN
Crown/venner PMMA150 PLN
Wax up1 tooth/ 200 PLN
Crown-root insert700 PLN
Fiberglass insert700 PLN
Fiberglass insert + composite reconstruction900 PLN
Composite Inlay1 200 PLN
Full ceramic inlay1 800 PLN
Dental guard (Relaxation overlay-bruxism)650 PLN
Acrylic denture2 200 PLN
Frame denture2 500 PLN
Acetal denture2 500 PLN
Denture relining300 PLN
Adding a tooth to the denture200 PLN



Endodontic consultation100 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic of the first canal800 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic two canals900 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic three canals1 200 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic four canals1 300 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic retreatment of the first canal900 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic retreatment two canals1 100 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic retreatment three canals1 300 PLN
Endodontic treatment – root canal microscopic retreatment four canals1 400 PLN
Removal of broken insert, tool500 PLN

Dental surgery

Surgical consultation150 PLN
Single-root tooth extraction300 PLN
Multi-root tooth extraction400 – 500 PLN
Surgical tooth extraction700 PLN
Surgical removal of an impacted tooth by surgeon600 – 800 PLN
Dry socket treatment50 PLN
Root apex resection800 PLN
Undercutting the frenulum of the tongue450 PLN
Extraction of upper wisdom tooth400 – 700 PLN
Extraction of bottom wisdom tooth700 – 900 PLN


Implant consultation150 PLN
Implant3 200 PLN
Healing screwfree
Crown placed on implant3 200 PLN
GBR Guided Bone Regeneration3 000 PLN
Sinus lift2 500 – 3 500 PLN


Orthodontic consultation150 PLN
Diagnostic models120 PLN
Preparation of treatment plan with analysis, models and photos150 PLN
Fixed Metal braces2 000 PLN/ 1 arch
Fixed Aesthetic braces2 600 PLN/ 1 arch
Control appointments every 4-6 weeks230 PLN/ 1 arch
280 PLN/ 2 arches
Orthodontic micro implant650 PLN
Movable braces800 PLN
Repair50 PLN

Pediatric dentistry

Composite filling130 – 300 PLN
Scaling140 PLN
Fluorine80 PLN
Sealing 130 PLN

The above price list does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 pairs 1 of the Civil Code.
We present selected items from the price list, the entire price list is available for viewing at the reception.


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