Dental prophylaxis is very important for prevention of many diseases of the teeth, paradontium and the whole oral cavity. Therefore, at Implant-Art we pay a lot of attention to prophylaxis activities such as controlling the condition of our patients’ teeth, instructing them on proper oral hygiene, removing dental deposits and tartar as well as performing the procedures of fluoridation or teeth sealing.

Within the scope of dental prophylaxis we perform the following procedures:


This is a procedure consisting in removal of tartar by means of specialist ultrasound device. The tartar which is formed on the teeth as a result of the action of chemical compounds present in our saliva, coffee or tea, must be removed regularly – this will allow us to avoid not only unpleasant odour from the oral cavity, but also diseases of the gingiva e.g. paradontosis

Teeth sand-blasting

This is a procedure which aims at removal of dental deposits and discolouration of the teeth caused by smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee or tea regularly, which have not turned into tartar yet. Sand-blasting is performed by means of wet sand-blasting machine which allows to remove dental deposits precisely, not only from the teeth surface, but also from the interdental spaces.

Teeth sealing

This is a procedure which consists in covering (sealing) the fissures and pits in the teeth. It aims at preventing excessive amounts of food particles getting into tooth grooves, and as a consequence the development of bacteria and dental caries. This procedure is particularly recommended to our youngest patients who already have permanent teeth.


The procedure of fluoridation, or varnishing, consists in covering the surface of all teeth with a preparation which contains a high content of fluoride. It is performed both in children and adults to strengthen the teeth and increase their resistance to caries. Fluoridation is performed regularly after each teeth cleaning procedure as well as during treatment of periodontal diseases.

ICON – caries infiltration

This treatment enables the treatment of initial caries characterized by white decalcification of the enamel (so-called carious stain) without the need for drilling.
This method can also be used to remove white spots on teeth, e.g. after orthodontic treatment or congenital lesions.

Treatment with the ICON infiltration method is as follows:

  1. Using a gel, the tooth surface is prepared for applying a liquid acrylic substance to the white spots.
  2. The liquid substance is absorbed deep into the tooth, filling minor damage.
  3. After curing by exposure to light, the white spots are no longer visible and the defects are permanently filled.

The treatment takes twenty minutes and is completed in one visit to the dentist.


This is a procedure which is performed in case of teeth desensitisation. Seal&Protect is a light-curing sealant used for protection of exposed parts of the root dentin. It strengthens the structures of the dentin and decreases its abrasion as well as solves the problem of hypersensitisation of tooth necks.


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