At Implant-Art we dedicate a lot of attention to improvement of quality of life of the patients who struggle with one or more missing teeth. Thanks to that we became one of the most well-known implantological clinics in the capital city.

Dental implant is an artificial root (titanium screw) placed in the bone to which an artificial tooth is attached – the tooth matches the other teeth in terms of shape and colour. A dental implant is made of titanium – a biocompatible material which is recognised by a human body as an integral part of dentition. This decreases the risk of infection and the possibility of implant rejection.

Dental implants are a perfect alternative for other dental prosthetic devices; thanks to them we can permanently fill in the missing teeth simultaneously obtaining a natural and lasting effect.

Implanting a dental implant is the most modern and effective method of treating toothlessness, which replaces the loss of one or more teeth. Teeth replaced in this way are indistinguishable from natural teeth. Teeth restored on implants are a comfortable solution for many years. Such teeth are a perfect solution for people who feel discomfort due to missing elements in their teeth, but are not supporters of traditional methods of replacing missing teeth, e.g. prosthetic treatment, for example a restrictive removable denture. Dental implants have been appreciated by patients for perfectly imitating natural teeth not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of their functions.

Placing a dental implant – the process of treatment

dobry implantolog, Wszczepianie implantu zębowego - przebieg leczenia

Stage 1

Dental implant placement begins with dental consultation during which the dentist obtains information on the patient’s medical history, checks the condition of his/her dentition and the whole oral cavity, and examines the bone condition. If the specialist finds that there are no contraindications for the implantation procedure to be performed, he/she makes a prosthetic impression for the purpose of the future artificial tooth and determines the colour with the patient.

Stage 2

The real process of implant placement begins with a surgical procedure during which a dental surgeon drills a hole in the bone. In such a hole the implant is placed in the next stage

Stage 3

Implant placement is performed under topical anaesthesia – so that the whole procedure is done in the least painful manner possible. After that the physician checks whether the implant is stable and then sutures the incision.

Stage 4

At this stage the physician exposes the implant and screws in the healing cap.

Stage 5

About 3-6 months after placing the implant, the physician may start the prosthetic reconstruction. Thanks to the prosthetic impressions made earlier, at this last stage the implantologist places an artificial tooth in the patient’s oral cavity and instructs him/her on how to deal with everyday oral hygiene.

Placing a dental implant is the most modern and most effective method of treating toothlessness. This is a perfect solution for persons who feel uncomfortable because of missing teeth but at the same prefer traditional methods of prosthetic treatment e.g. removable denture. Dental implants have been appreciated by the patients for perfect imitation of natural teeth not only in terms of appearance but also fulfilled functions.

At Implant-art, we perform implant-based reconstructions of entire teeth and individual missing teeth.

A good implantologist in Warsaw

A good implantologist in Warsaw Mokotów - dr. Piotr Stępień

Na zdjęciu: dr Piotr Stępień - lek. stomatolog, chirurg implantolog
dr. Piotr Stępień – Specialist in dental surgery, implantologist, prosthetist

Implantology is a field of dentistry that has developed very intensively in recent years. Thanks to technological progress, it is now possible to effectively replace missing teeth using dental implants. The introduction of intraosseous implants is a permanent solution that significantly improves the quality of life of patients struggling with missing teeth or complete toothlessness. Dental implants not only restore the natural appearance of teeth, but also effectively restore the functions of missing teeth, such as chewing and articulation. Both the practical and aesthetic aspects of dental implants contribute to the increasing popularity of these treatments, and our modern clinic will offer you the best and most modern solutions currently available. As implantology develops, more and more different implant systems appear on the market. In our clinic, we successfully use implants from renowned companies, which are the most recognized and valued brands in the world. Dental implants are covered by a lifetime warranty.

A dental implant is a small, conical screw made of biocompatible materials, such as titanium or zirconium, which ensures its long-term durability in the environment of the human jaw. Thanks to the appropriate structure and material such as titanium, the body considers the dental implant to be part of its own tissue and becomes permanently attached to it. Once the screw is placed permanently in the bone, it can effectively replace the natural tooth root for many years. Various prosthetic elements can be attached to the implant, such as a porcelain bridge or an artificial tooth, commonly known as a crown, restoring a full smile, regardless of the problem the patient is struggling with. The implantologists of our Implant-Art clinic will prepare an appropriate solution for you and will make every effort to ensure that it is durable for years.

We invite you for a consultation with our implantologists who will help you in any case when you need a dental implant. It may be a good solution in many cases, such as the absence of a single tooth or several teeth, as well as in the case of complete tooth loss. Our implantologists place implants in adult patients with missing teeth, providing them with prosthetic support. Thanks to modern technologies, this treatment is performed in comfortable conditions, without pain or discomfort. Dental implants are characterized by durability, comfort and aesthetics. In addition, they function on par with natural teeth, ensuring ease of eating and chewing. Importantly, carefully maintained dental implants serve in excellent condition for many years. Each patient is individually consulted in our clinic and receives all information regarding his case. Our implantologists are ready to answer all your questions regarding the insertion of dental implants and take into account your suggestions and opinions so that the entire process runs perfectly.

With the Implant-Art clinic you will make your dreams of beautiful teeth come true. During the meeting, you will receive not only detailed information about the health of your oral cavity, but also a general treatment plan, regardless of whether it is only about inserting implants or also about other procedures or treatment. Our implantologists will also present other alternative options if they are available in your case.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we encourage you to contact us both electronically via e-mail or by phone to arrange an appointment with our implantologist.


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