For patients who would like to restore the original condition of their occlusion after losing teeth or their serious damage we recommend procedures in the scope of dental prosthetics.

We also deal with reconstruction and rehabilitation of the masticatory organ after plastic or oncological surgeries.

Our teeth are exposed to harmful conditions throughout our whole life which induce changes in their structure and cause their loss. Dental prosthetics is one of the ways in which we may restore the original aesthetics and functionality of the teeth. Modern dentistry offers a broad range of methods of prosthetic treatment and correction of damaged or improperly located teeth e.g. porcelain crowns (all-ceramic or temporary), composite and all-ceramic veneers, acrylic, frame or acetal dentures. Dental prosthetic devices are also a common alternative to dental implants.

Dentures may be:

  • permanent (cannot be removed from the mouth),
  • removable,
  • or combined, where removable dentures are combined with permanent dental devices.

Any person may undergo prosthetic treatment, regardless of age – we recommend it to younger patients who struggle with single missing teeth as well as to older patients who, apart from the progressing process of losing teeth, additionally suffer from pain in the temporomandibular joints, elongation or movement of teeth. Thanks to modern and advanced dental and cosmetic technologies we are capable of making dental prosthetic devices indistinguishable from natural dentition.

For prosthetic treatment at Implant-Art it is crucial to eliminate any losses in the patient’s dentition. Dentition which is incomplete – when some teeth are missing – may negatively influence the patient’s health and worsen his/her image and life quality. Missing teeth may lead to the following problems: speech difficulties or disorders in functioning of the temporomandibular joints.

Our dentists and implantologists cooperate with the best prosthetic laboratories and therefore they are capable of offering safe and practical prosthetic solutions to their patients.


of the IMPLANT-Art, Warszawa Mokotów

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