Surgical removal of wisdom teeth Warsaw

Removing wisdom teeth is one of many procedures performed every day at our „Implant-Art” clinic in Warsaw.

Wisdom teeth can lead to inflammation and many complications that may appear in the future. To remove them, surgery is necessary. It is recommended to perform it before tooth decay occurs. The ideal time to remove wisdom teeth is usually the age of twenty. Wisdom teeth are removed for various reasons, e.g. orthodontic, surgical or conservative.

Removal of wisdom teeth in adolescents and adults raises many questions. Although this is a routine and standard procedure, we invite you to consult our dental surgeon, who will answer your questions during your first visit and order an X-ray or other examination necessary to familiarize yourself with your case and determine the degree of difficulty of the procedure.

These tests may be computed tomography or pantomography. A panoramic radiograph is a general, illustrative x-ray and is most often performed before the wisdom tooth removal procedure. In case of doubt, in the case of a horizontally impacted tooth and the immediate proximity of the mandibular nerve, a 3D image – computed tomography – is taken. The degree of difficulty of the procedure depends primarily on the position of the tooth in the dental arch, the distance from important anatomical structures and the condition of the tooth. These teeth may be erupted, partially or completely impacted, which significantly affects the course of the visit and the healing time. In addition to the radiological examination, our surgeon will examine the patient and the teeth in terms of caries and tooth alignment, as well as symptoms such as inflammation, swelling, pain or temporal joint diseases.

The most common reason for removing wisdom teeth is their pressure on adjacent teeth, which leads to crowding in the mouth. Removal of wisdom teeth is necessary due to pain or significant carious lesions. Wisdom teeth may also lack functional utility and pose a risk of complications. In the case of partially or completely retained wisdom teeth, they may cause pain and contribute to the development of inflammation and cysts.

Removal of wisdom teeth is performed under local anesthesia to minimize pain. In our clinic, this procedure is completely painless. The entire procedure is as minimally invasive as possible for the patient. After surgical tooth extraction, the wound is stitched, and the stitches are usually removed after about seven days.

In the period immediately after the procedure, the patient must follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding diet and avoiding certain meals or stimulants. For 2 hours after the procedure, you should refrain from eating and drinking hot liquids and meals, and apply ice compresses to your face. Both smoking and physical exercise are also of great importance here. After the procedure, it is not recommended to practice sports, smoke tobacco or drink alcohol for 2-3 days. After completing the wisdom tooth removal procedure, our patients receive detailed instructions on further treatment.

Due to the fact that wisdom tooth removal is a surgical procedure, a wound remains at the extraction site despite the use of stitches. It should be cared for and cared for according to the surgeon’s indications and recommendations. You should also take medications prescribed by your doctor and use antiseptic rinses to maintain proper hygiene of the wound and oral cavity.

Removing wisdom teeth is sometimes quite an invasive procedure. Therefore, people taking medications or suffering from various diseases should report it to their doctor to avoid unnecessary complications, e.g. prolonged bleeding. Pregnant women should also postpone the removal of wisdom teeth until a later time.

It should be added that removing wisdom teeth is not necessary in all cases. If wisdom teeth have space in the dental arch, are healthy, and the patient has the opportunity to wash them thoroughly, then they will last a lifetime.

We are aware that the removal of wisdom teeth may be stressful, regardless of the patient’s age. Our highly qualified dental surgeons offer you their experience and knowledge acquired during specialization, numerous conferences and training – domestic and foreign. Over many years of practice, we have encountered unusually placed wisdom teeth, which is why we offer you our many years of experience as an advantage. If you are looking for a good and qualified dental surgeon specializing in the removal of wisdom teeth in Warsaw, we invite you for a consultation and a visit to our „Implant-Art” clinic in Warsaw.


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