Tooth whitening

A snow-white, Hollywood smile is something that never goes out of fashion. However, it is very hard to maintain such effect taking into account the contemporary lifestyle.Red wine, cigarette smoke, coffee dregs or simply improper diet result in the fact that on our teeth there appear unaesthetic and permanent discolouration which can be removed only by means of special dental devices. At Implant-Art teeth discolouration can be removed with specialist preparations made on the basis of oxidants.The basic condition for the procedure of teeth whitening to be performed is previous treatment and accurate cleaning of the patient’s teeth.

There are two popular methods of teeth whitening:

  • professional whitening performed at a clinic by means of a lamp,
  • whitening performed independently by the patient at home using overlay method.

In case of each of those methods the same active substance is used i.e. hydrogen peroxide. However, the highest concentration of that substance is used during performing the procedure at a dental clinic, which gives the best result of teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening at the clinic

Professional teeth whitening at the dental clinic is the quickest method of obtaining a Hollywood smile. At Implant-Art this procedure is performed by an experienced dentist, who begins the whole process by a thorough analysis of the condition of the patient’s teeth and determination of the colour shade of teeth which is possible to achieve. Performing the procedure of whitening is preceded by cleaning the teeth thoroughly using traditional methods (sand-blasting or scaling). Before teeth whitening the gingiva are protected against irritation with a special substance and then on the surface of the teeth the dentist applies a gel with high content of hydrogen peroxide and proceeds to expose the teeth to irradiation with a lamp. The whole procedure lasts about 45-60 minutes. UPatients who have strong discolouration on their teeth often have to repeat the procedure in order to obtain the desired effect.

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After performing the procedure of teeth whitening the patient should go on a so-called white diet – for the period specified by the dentist. In this case it means that the patient should eat only white-coloured food and avoid products which could colour the teeth e.g. red wine, blueberries, citrus fruits. After the procedure the teeth may be hypersensitive to cold so we recommend that the patients should use special toothpaste which decreases that adverse effect.


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