Privacy policy

The administrator of your personal data will be Implant-Art Piotr Stępień, ul. Puławska 228, lok. use. 11, 02-670 Warszawa Mokotów.
You can contact us as follows:

  • by letter: Implant-Art Piotr Stępień, ul. Puławska 228, lok. uż. 11, 02-670 Warszawa Mokotów.,
  • by phone: +48 607 041 636.

We will now explain the principles of data processing that we may use when you visit our website. If you provide us with your data such as name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone number, they will not be used in any other way than for the purpose of:
concluding a contract, issuing an invoice, selling our products and informing you about our advertising activities. These data will not be made available outside our company, except in the case of using the services of third parties to process your order and the need to provide them when we are asked to do so by authorities with the right to do so, e.g. courts and the police.

Why do we need your personal data?

We need your data so that you can make a purchase in our store and we will send the purchased goods to you. If you agree, we will also provide you with information about new products that may interest you.
We will process your personal data to:

  • conclude a contract and fulfill its terms,
  • perform financial settlements,
  • conduct our advertising campaigns and other marketing activities,
  • sell our products and services

How long will we use this data?

We will process your personal data during the period of performance of the contract you concluded with us, as well as during the period during which you could file a complaint or a lawsuit.
Who can we transfer your data to?
We do not share your data with anyone without your express consent.
Legal basis:

  • the contract we have concluded or will conclude with you
  • art. 106e section 1 of the Act on tax on goods and services,
  • marketing consents that you indicate,
  • the so-called The legitimate interest we have in presenting you with other offers. If you consent, we also have the right to process your ata for marketing purposes when the contract between you and us ends.

Data transfer

In some situations, we have the right to forward your data – if it is necessary for us to provide our services.
We can only share your data with three groups:

  • persons authorized by us – our employees and collaborators who need to have it
  • access to data to perform your duties,
  • processing entities – to whom we commission activities requiring data processing
  • other data recipients – e.g. couriers, banks, insurers, law firms, registrars of ordered services, e.g. domains or electronic payments, companies from our group capital.


Cookies used on our websites are used to remember your settings, orders and completed forms, the so-called autocomplete. Thanks to them, the website works more efficiently and you do not have to re-enter previously saved information. Cookies do not store personal data and only remember your preferences. Cookies are saved on the device you use even after you leave the website.

How to get rid of saved Cookies? Depending on the type of browser you are currently using, the removal option is usually located in the Tools, Internet Options, Privacy or Cookies Settings menu. If you have trouble finding a place where you can
delete saved cookies, you will definitely find this information on the Internet. Be sure to look for information about your browser.

Privacy and security

We make every effort to ensure the best possible protection of your data. We protect them in accordance with applicable regulations, we use physical and electronic security measures and special procedures. You can choose the scope of processing of your data. NO
we collect personal data without your knowledge. Before filling out your data, you will be informed on an ongoing basis about their collection, e.g. when completing the form you send us. Due to applicable law, you have the opportunity to view and correct your data.

Pursuant to applicable law, you have the right to:

  • information about the purpose, scope and method of data processing,
  • access and change your data,
  • requests to stop processing them.
    For this purpose, you can contact us:
    • by letter: Implant-Art Piotr Stępień, ul. Puławska 228, lok. uż. 11, 02-670 Warszawa Mokotów.,
    • by phone: +48 607 041 636


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