Dental surgery

At Implant-Art we offer a broad range of services in the scope of dental surgery. Improvement of prosthetic and surgical conditions for the purpose of preparation for placing an implant or denture as well as the least painful extraction of third molars in Warsaw – those are the issues which our dental surgery ward deals with first of all. By using the services of our dental surgeon you may be sure that he will prepare the bone accurately for the prosthetic procedures performed later on.

Extraction of the eight Warsaw

Tooth extraction is a last resort for us, so we perform that procedure only when all other methods of treatment proved ineffective or it is impossible to perform them. If there is a necessity to extract a tooth we inform the patient on the possibility of filling in the missing teeth – including the possibility of placing a dental implant at our dental clinic.

Extraction of third molars

The procedure of wisdom tooth extraction is the greatest fear of the patients. herefore we make every effort to perform third molar extraction quickly and almost painlessly. Our Implant-Art staff provides proper medical and psychological support at every stage of the procedure. Apart from third molar extraction we also deal with extraction of impacted teeth and teeth damaged to such an extent that it is impossible to treat them.

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Placing dental implants

The procedures in the scope of implantological surgery performed at our dental clinic consist in treating bone defects by applying bone graft substitutes or autogenous bone grafts. The actions aiming at preparation of the bone for implant placement include first of all: osteodistraction, sinus lift, bone regeneration and autograft.

The remaining procedures which are usually performed include:

  • preparing the bone and oral cavity for prosthetic treatment
  • exposure of impacted teeth in the arch
  • treatment of abscesses
  • removal of cysts and pathological lesions on the oral mucosa
  • treatment of oro-antral fistula
  • ​removal of the tooth apex
  • hemisection
  • sinus lift
  • lip and tongue frenula corrections 
  • coverage of gingival recession

At our dental clinic we also perform procedures in the scope of soft tissue surgery. Soft tissue surgery procedures provide the possibility to correct the following issues: gingival recession, problems with the paradontium, unaesthetic appearance of a crown or tooth due to improper size of the gingiva.

All surgical procedures at Implant-Art are performed by an experienced and trained dental surgeon.He has the most modern and technologically advanced medical devices at his disposal facilitating the performance of selected procedures. Activities in the scope of dental surgery are always preceded by a comprehensive consultation and diagnostic tests.


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