Simplant program

Another beautiful metamorphosis.

Published: 20.12.2018

Another beautiful metamorphosis.

Our cheerful patient, Mrs. Zosia, has been using removable acrylic dentures for many years.

She was not aware that she could still have permanent teeth as her own.

The dentures caused her discomfort when chewing, speaking and smiling.

We carried out the treatment using the Simplant program for designing and planning prosthetic work, thanks to which it is possible to plan the positions of the implants.

Mrs. Zosia lives abroad, and the Simplant program, surgical template and perfectly designed work allowed us to limit the number of visits.

After the first implant visit, the patient left with a screwed-in temporary bridge.

She came back to us after a few months and then we replaced the temporary bridge with a porcelain bridge screwed to the implants.

Mrs. Zosia already enjoys a new, beautiful and, above all, comfortable smile.


of the IMPLANT-Art, Warszawa Mokotów

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