Whitening of a dead tooth

A dead tooth is commonly referred to as a tooth in which the pulp has died.

Published: 13.11.2017

A dead tooth is commonly referred to as a tooth in which the pulp has died. Unfortunately, a dead tooth – even after treatment, changes its color over time, becomes blue and looks unsightly.

A chance to restore its nice color is to have it professionally whitened in a dentist’s office.

Whitening dead teeth requires applying a whitening preparation to the inside of the tooth. Before this, however, the tooth must be treated with a root canal. Sometimes repeated root canal treatment is necessary. It is also extremely important to assess the condition of the root based on an X-ray.

The whitening preparation for dead teeth is placed in the tooth cavity, and then a tight dressing is applied for about a week. If necessary, the treatment is repeated 2-3 times.

Dental whitening of dead teeth is the only option available due to the need to reach inside them.

The procedure performed by a dentist is relatively safe and allows you to get rid of discoloration that unsightliness your smile.

After dental whitening treatment for dead teeth, follow the specialist’s recommendations.

The photo shows the effect of whitening a dead tooth in my office.

Wybielanie zęba martwego/ Whitening of a dead tooth


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