Pediatric dentistry

At Implant-Art our specially trained staff deals with dental treatment of children. In the case of children we take into account not only different structure of the teeth or the masticatory organ, but also various behaviours of kids, depending on their age and pain sensitivity.
We make every effort to establish proper relationships with our youngest patients – decreasing their fear of different dental procedures and listening to their needs and expectations. In case of children the procedures are performed under topical anaesthesia to limit pain and anxiety as much as possible and to prevent unpleasant memories of dental appointments.

Dental treatment of children involves both deciduous teeth and permanent teeth, which are maximally strengthened by means of the following procedures:

  • fluoridation,
  • teeth sealing,
  • and treatment of caries.

Young parents are offered help in proper introduction and performance of hygienic procedures in infants and older children. We also advise on how to ensure protection against caries in children and how to encourage children to brush their teeth.

We also encourage all future mothers to visit our dental clinic and learn how to deal with everyday diet and oral hygiene during pregnancy and in the perinatal period.


of the IMPLANT-Art, Warszawa Mokotów

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